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Middle School Exploratory


Back By Popular Demand! Middle School Exploratory

Students who have fun in the classroom while learning, are more inclined to retain information. In an effort to break up the normal school day, students will have a designed flex period in order to “have fun while learning” 3 days a week (MWF) students will partake in a newly formed elective that brings learning to life. Our goal is to provide opportunity for students to apply concepts they have learned in theory. Hands on learning and performance based assessments will be the key components to bringing theory to life. 2 days a week, (T,TH) students will participate in a variety of exploratory lessons. These lessons are designed to allow students to enjoy being at school. Teachers will be focusing on relationship building and social, emotional learning of our students. Students need to learn how to properly interact with each other and socialize appropriately. 

Middle School Course Electives

Exploratory Courses