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Mrs. Brittany Wagner, School Counselor

Grades 6/7/8 student last names A-L


Ms. Tara Johnson, School Counselor 

Grades 6/7/8 student last names M-Z

The counseling Department believes in keeping an open door policy and stress the 4 C’s “Communication, Collaboration, Cooperation and Confidentiality.” Along with many other services they offer educational and emotional support to you and your family.


The counselors at Charleroi Area Middle School provide services to address the academic, social, and emotional needs of students and their families. In addition, the counselors strive to assist each student in adjusting to his/her environment and to aid in solving problems.


The school counselors facilitate responsive services for students. These services may include, but are not limited to: short term individual and small group counseling for students; participation in the Student Assistance Program meetings; and collaboration with and referrals to local area child service and/or mental health agencies.


Part of the goal of the school counseling department is to compliment classroom learning. Lessons vary on subjects such as character building, career exploration, and conflict resolution.


The importance of confidentiality is highly stressed; any information shared will be handled in a confidential manner and will be limited to the following:

Exceptions to confidentiality will be:

  1. Duty to Warn: for any person determined to be at risk of harm to self or to others, all appropriate warning or reporting procedures will be followed.
  2. Regarding Minors: counselors adhere to the Pennsylvania Child Welfare Agency’s legal duty to report any suspicion of neglect, physical, or sexual abuse of minors.
  3. Release of Information Agreements: information will be released to third parties (school personnel, family member, etc.) only at the student or parents/guardians request and after a Release of Information has been signed by the student and parent or guardian.

Please contact your child’s grade appropriate school counselor if:

  • You feel your child may be having difficulty with a school or personal issue. 
  • You have questions/concerns about your child’s academic performance. 
  • You need assistance finding an outside agency for issues that may arise. 
  • You have questions about new student orientation and registration. 
  • You would like information on Homework club or our after school tutoring program.